Destination pamper is the new home to both 'Pamper off Piste' and 'Pamper by the Pool'. To create a seamless experience for you from winter to summer.

Pamper Philosophy

Destination pamper has 15 years of experience in creating a relaxing space in your villa or chalet for you to be pampered. All our therapists are polite professional and punctual so that you get the experience you deserve.

Destination Pamper's philosophy is that pampering is as much about the inside as the outside. We believe that having time to let your mind escape is vital to re-energise and help achieve balance.

All our treatments can be tailored to you whether it is the strength of the massages, the right facial for your skin type or area of waxing. We also carry a wide range of colours to pick from for manicures and pedicures.

Pamper Prices

We like to keep it simple so all our treatments are just based on time we spend at your villa or chalet.

1 hour €90

2 hours €170

3 hours €230

4 hours €290


Massage is key to recovery and helping the muscles feel fresh the following day. From cycling to skiing we have it covered. Recovery isn't always about pressing hard, it's often about generating heat and stretching into the muscle to flush out the toxins. Let our therapists work their magic.

Mexican Massage A deep all over body massage using elbows, forearms and knuckles and like a crazy Mexican wrestler, gets in really really deep to the parts that need it the most! Targeting your mid back and shoulders, your thighs and calves. We use Pinks Boutique - Himalayan Massage Oil which has Wild peppermint and Eucalyptus and which naturally stimulates tired and aching muscles as well as Apricot, Jojoba and Sunflower oil to help moisurise your skin which can get very dry in this heat.
1 hour

Hot Stone Havana is what you need if those muscles are aching deep in the Quad muscles especially. It uses hot stones which ensures the heat penetrates deeper than just the heat created with your hands, deep into your muscles. The increased heat increases blood flow and flushes out the lactate to speed up recovery. If you are feeling particularly tight when you wake up in the mornings then order this treatment in the evening. To make this extra effective have an ice cold shower followed by a hot tub or steam when you first come off the mountain then another ice cold shower before this treatment to really get the blood in and out of the muscles.
1 hour


It is always important to have time to your self especially during your action packed skiing holiday. So lie back and relax.

French Alps Facial is a wonderful facial, where the therapist will discuss your requirements and tailor the facial to your needs. It starts with a light cleanse, because the air is quite drying in the mountains the Ocha Cleanser which has green and white tea which is a powerful anti oxidant as well as linseed oil and coco seed butter which leaves your skin soft and clean. is a usual choice. A Tone helps to further cleanse as well as nourish the skin followed by Pinks Boutique Deep cleaning melt, a luxurious balm with Camellia Oil and Natural vitamin E promoting cell rejuvenation and helping combat the effect of free radicals. These are all massaged in and removed with hot cloths increasing circulation further. gentle Bamboo and Oatmeal Facial Polish Which won awards in 2011-12 brightens the complexion and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. The Roseclay and Rosehip mask has Vitamin A, C and E further assists in all the components and as the mask soaks in a head massage is performed. Mouisurises and balms ensure that your skin is feels wonderful. This treatment creates the platform for our facial treatments.
1 hour

Why not select a little extra ? *

Anti-Aging the neck and decollate is massaged and a special oil the Pinks Boutique award winning anti-age serum is added to the massage oil and mask to make them even more nourishing. With carrot and evening primrose oil they are super charged with naturally occurring omega 3, 6 and 9 and Rosehip which is scientifically proven to reduce the signs of ageing and sun damage. -
extra 15 min

Eye Revive where rose crystals are used to massage the eye area to rehydrate and calm down puffiness. Perfect for sun tired eyes - extra 15 min

Signature Facial We believe that the whole body should be treated and thus although this treatment is mainly a facial, we start with a foot soak and massage to the feet and cal muscles making it the perfect choice for skiers… we also spend longer on your head massage which the mask soaks in for a little extra absorption. Allows you to relax and sink away the tension a little bit more -
extra 30 min

Tibetian Tranquility clients who don't want an all over deep massage but would like a more gentle massage to help relax their body and mind. Soothing muscles so you feel comforted. Using the Pinks Boutique Organic Indonesian Massage oil with Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Patchouli this oil has more stimulating smells for the sences.
1 hour

Bali Body Booster An all over body treatment. Starting with body brushing to awaken the skin and improve circulation and lymph drainage and rub away all the dry top skin it feels amazing. Followed by a stimulating scrub with natural salt. It finishes with a moisturising all over body massage to ensure you are left feeling sparking and shiny new.
1 hour

Haitian Heavenly Head focuses on your head, face, neck and shoulders. Truly relaxing and rebalancing, easing away all tension and allowing you to get some headspace. Using the Indonesian Massage Oil to which is deeply nourishing perfect for the more delicate skin around the face and head. It contains Apricot Oil which is full of vitamin A encouraging cell renewal with a beautiful sweet orange smell it feels truly decadent and you leave feeling wonderfully light headed!
1 hour

Fiji Footsie designed to ease the tightness in your feet and calf muscles, much needed after a day in those ski boots. Using Himalayan Massage Oil with Wild peppermint and Eucalyptus to assist in the recovery of your muscles combining massage therapy and reflexology pressure points this is the perfect way to unwind.
1 hour

Mother To Be concentrates on all the areas that need some extra love and care. Starting at your feet to ease away the fluid and extra weight that you are carrying, that builds up, moving up to your bump we use bio oil to help reduce the stretch marks and then continue up to massage the face and neck finishing at the hands.
1.5 hours


Everyone loves their rituals and in beauty that can mean a weekly or monthly visits to the spa for your nails, waxing or facial. In addition to nails, waxing and facials, we can help you with your daily ritual too. We can help you choose from the fantastic organic Pinks Boutique range of cleansers and products.

Milano Manicure that we tailor to what you need. Depending on how much pampering you require depends on how long you need, if it is for a quick file shape hand massage and paint then we recommend 30 minutes but if you would like a soak in Himalayan Mineral Crystals which contains 84 of the 92 trace minerals known to man and followed by cuticle maintenance we use an award winning cuticle oil with with carrot and fennel making it rich i bioactive oils. Our hand scrub gently exfoliating the skin warming and increasing the blood flow ensuring that the hand balm which is super nourishing absorbs beautifully.
30 min / 1 hour

Palma Pedicure is truly wonderful. When skiing your feet are buried in boots all day and need a little pampering. Our luxury pedicure ensures that your feet and calf muscles are totally indulged after a soak we ask you to lie down comfortably while we give you a deep massage to your leg muscles using scrubs and balms. You will go to the ball or at least have pretty feet for your glass slippers or just for the post ski Jacuzzi. If you prefer a simple soak and lighter scrub in a seated position and nail care with polish then we recommend an hour.
1 hour/1.5 hours

Wax on wax off
We do all types of waxing please call for a quote, the price is time dependent.

Brow shaping with brow and lash tinting.
Perfect for when you don't want to wear too much make up under your goggles but when you take them off at lunch your eyes shine bright.

Gift Vouchers - If this is a treat for your partner or friend then and you aren't sure what they would like, please pop us an email and we can arrange a gift voucher based on time rather then treatment.

Tailor Made - If you just cant decide what to have then please call and discuss your needs and we can recommend different combination of treatments to create the perfect pamper treatments to help you make the most of your time while you are on holiday.

Pamper Products

Pinks Boutique Luxurious Organic Skincare is hand blended in England from natural and organic ingredients accredited by the Soil Association. Pinks Boutique we will envelope you in captivating aromas, opulent textures and long lasting results using decadent ingredients. Pinks Boutique are meticulous about the detail of every product they create and never compromise on quality sourcing the finest organic ingredients from around the globe that nourish, protect and rejuvenate your skin. We go out of our way to make all of our products and treatments effective, therapeutic and beautiful. Which is why we at destination Pamper love the products and feel it a privilege to use them and let you experience the journey with us.


We have loved the time spent in the Alps over the years and have forged friends as well as aquantence in the chalets that we work with the ones mentioned here are ones that I would also point people towards over a dinner party depending on their needs and locations.

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